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For over 50 years, radio has been seen as a key tool globally for participatory communication and development. Radio clearly has its advantages. It is cost-efficient, both for the station and for listeners. Secondly, it is ideal for a population that includes many illiterates and poor, as in South Asia. Thirdly, it is relevant to local practices, traditions and culture. Fourth, once initial investment is made in equipment, sustainability is feasible. Fifth, in terms of geographical coverage too, radio scores.

With countries like India and Sri Lanka in the region that have enjoyed a much longer tenure of democratic freedoms, one would have expected either of them to host the FM revolution in South Asia. But in all of the countries in the region, FM radio has gone the furthest in Nepal because of the relatively more flexible legal regime for broadcast media. Nepal has moved far ahead of its other South Asian neighbors in its attempts to open-up its air-waves. There are innumerable FM stations coming up in Nepal. Besides the community FM stations there are other commercial FM stations, which are privately owned.

Established in the year 2003 Radio City 98.8 MHz is a commercial FM station. With private investment and no outer support and assistance, Radio City Fm is more committed and dedicated to the clients. Radio City has 17 hours daily transmission and has a coverage area of various regions via, Kathmandu valley the capital city of the country. Some of the neighboring districts where the airwave of Radio City reaches are Kavrepalanchowk, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, Dhading, Ramechhap, Palung, Dolkha etc. There is approximately over 10,00,000 listeners tuning in a day.

Radio City FM is a truly commercial radio station which focuses on entertainment and other development programs. Due to this reason the number of listeners is also very high. The station provides information about everyday life and special events. It is assisting the distribution of knowledge in new forms over the radio waves. This is being done through programs designed to cater to various curiosities – about life style and careers, music and movies, stage and sports, language and literature, health and hobbies and so on. Some of this new knowledge is executed through ‘quiz’ formats, while others come in the form of chat programs and musicals. Some of this new knowledge is superfluous but it being on air is a kind of knowledge democratization at work.

Thus, due to these kind of multidimensional programs the listenership of this radio station is very high as well the sponsorship for various programs are also increasing, which is the sole means of income generation for the commercial station.

Since the programs are designed to cater various groups it broadcasts the programs according to the requirement of various groups at different timings. The day programs are mainly focused for housewives and afternoon for the young generation whereas the evening and morning program provides more of knowledge and views. The target group of the station is all type of people and the programs are also designed in such a way that people from all groups comfortably listen to the programs even in family environment.

Being equipped with the latest electronic technologies manufactured by the best of electronic goods manufacturers round the globe makes it the best of FM stations presently running. It has 4 dipole antennae that provides a crystal clear and impeccable receiving of the transmission, which has a capacity of 500 watts.

Unlike other stations in the country this FM station has a devoted team who has been into this sector for more than two decades. The staff and the anchors of this station are highly qualified. The most important people the technical team consist of qualified engineers and assistant engineers. Overall speaking the Radio City family, which comprises of technical team, marketing, anchors, administration and management team are devoted and fully qualified in this sector.

We are confident that our Station will provide an effective platform to accentuate your activities and that our contribution will pay a effective role in the promotional activities of your product. We look forward to working together.

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